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  THE MEDICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSION One of the fastest growing careers in the area. The mission of the Medical Assistant Training Program is to train individuals for entry-level positions to put in practice the clinical and administrative skills in the medical office. It’s a great opportunity for career advancement in the health care profession. The functions of a Medical Assistant vary from office to office, depending on the office location, size and specialty. In a small office, the medical assistant is usually a “generalist”, handling both administrative and clinical duties and reporting directly to a physician, other health practitioner, or an office manager. On the other hand, in a large office, the medical assistant tends to be specialized in a particular area under the supervision of the clinical and administrative staff. Medical Assistants perform many clinical and administrative duties such as taking vital signs, patient medical history, assisting with procedures, scheduling appointments, greeting patients, updating and filing the patient medical records, processing insurance forms, hospital admissions, referrals and handling billing.   DESCRIPTON OF THE PROGRAM Andromeda’s Medical Assistant Training Program provides a formal community-based training program that prepares culturally sensitive Medical Assistants for employment in a physician’s office, community-based clinics and hospitals serving the Hispanic Population of DC. The program will also train MAs on different specialties such as: primary care, family medicine, HIV/AIDS, mental health, substance use and addictions. The program is also focused on the prevention of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, nutrition and adjustment disorders, among others. Medical Assistants will help increase the access to healthcare among Latinos in DC, by delivering health promotion and outreach activities in the community. Latinos will become self-advocates for access of resources that are impacting their health and well-being.  It will ensure that they remain a vital source of productivity contributing to the development of our society. Medical Assistants will assess the needs of the community and will provide educational information to the public, specifically to underserved populations, different minorities, including women, children and the elderly. The program provides both a theoretical and practical training at Andromeda and its Community Partners. It trains students with a least a High School Diploma or GED to become Medical Assistants and Health Educators. The program will train bilingual and multicultural students with an understanding of different cultures in order to promote cultural sensitivity and to increase the degree of cultural adaptability of health professionals while becoming part of one of the most rapidly growing careers. During the training, the students will be introduced to a variety of subjects ranging from medical terminology, the office laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, the different systems of the human anatomy, health care in special populations such as pediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics and emergency care among many others subjects included in the curriculum.   STUDENTS WILL LEARN: . To assist with medical exams, procedures, treatments and perform the patient intake. . Take medical history, record vital signs and BMI . Perform routine medical diagnostic tests such as EKG, catheterization, phlebotomy and injections. . Collect and process patient specimens and perform basic laboratory tests. . Prepare and administer medications under physician’s order and supervision. . Authorize drug refills as directed and fax prescription to a pharmacy. . Educate patients about health problems, medications and special diets. . Schedule, coordinate and monitor patient’s appointments. . Process and manage insurance claims. . Transcribe patient medical documentation into charts. . Perform preventive medicine with patient education in health-related issues. . Explain treatment procedures to patients, prepare patients for examinations, and assist the physician during the examination. . Integrated classroom lectures, workshops and trainings with practical Externship Rotations in different clinics. . Students will receive additional trainings and seminars by the Department of Health, CDC, American Red Cross and different pharmaceutical companies.  


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Call to schedule an interview at (202) 291-4707 X118 and bring the following documents:
  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. Resume
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  4. 2 Letters of Recommendation

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