HIV Services

After more than four decades of serving indigent, underinsured, and uninsured D.C. residents, Andromeda continues to live by its mission of providing culturally accessible and quality health services to District residents living with or affected by HIV. As a multidisciplinary health service provider, Andromeda is fully aware of the economic and psychosocial barriers and obstacles encountered by our participants and in an attempt to address these barriers we aim to expand and improve the range of services available by providing a multilingual and multicultural staff, accessible service hours, and leveraging all payer systems. Our integrated system of care consists of core medical services: Outpatient Ambulatory Medical Care, Medical Case Management, Treatment Adherence Counseling, Mental Health as well as Substance Abuse Services. Andromeda’s system of care includes the provision of Early Intervention Services, Psychosocial Support Services, and Medical Transportation. Andromeda continues to make its services well known and accessible, promoting HIV prevention and early diagnosis through HIV testing, health education, and providing informative resources. Our aim is to educate our community, reduce the stigma of HIV, increase early detection of HIV and encourage immediate enrollment into care. Our network of supportive services also provides necessities such as food, housing, oral health and legal services, address the individual needs of our participants and provide them with care that is effective to the improvement of their health. Andromeda hopes to continue its provision of all services needed, while adhering to the established protocols and the professional guidance of HAHSTA.