Clinical Pharmacy Services

Through a partnership with Howard University College of Pharmacy, a doctor of pharmacy works on-site. Both the College of Pharmacy and Andromeda are aware that a team approach in healthcare including medication therapy management has the potential to improve health outcomes in patients. For this reason Clinical Pharmacy Services works with Andromeda's core medical services to deliver medication education, training, and provider consulting. The pharmacist works alongside providers to help manage conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, HIV and hepatitis C in addition to addressing medication side effects. Patients can make appointments to see the pharmacist to review how their medications work, the importance of adherence to medications, and for training to use devices to check blood sugar and blood pressure correctly. The College of Pharmacy and Andromeda strive to provide equal, quality, and comprehensive healthcare to all individuals. In doing so, Andromeda's mission is recognized and supported so that cultural and linguistic differences are appreciated in all services provided.