About Us

For over 45 years, Andromeda has been delivering outstanding medical and mental health services to the Greater Washington Metropolitan area. Our staff is committed to offering personalized, high-quality care. At Andromeda, our patients are treated like members of the family and we pride ourselves on being sensitive to each patient’s cultural and linguistic needs. Whether you are a patient in need of a medical home or a community member looking to get involved in supporting our mission, we look forward to meeting you!

Welcome letter by the Executive Director

Dear Friends, Thank you for your interest in the services that Andromeda Transcultural Health (Andromeda) can provide you and your loved ones. Under the leadership of Dr. Ricardo Galbis, we have been serving the DC metro community for over 47 years providing support for mental health, substance use, primary care, nutrition, HIV prevention, case management and treatment services. In addition, we prepare Medical Assistants for the work force to assure that culturally and linguistically appropriate services can improve the quality of care in our area. Our substance use day treatment center, El Circulo, provides intensive individual and group counseling services for those who were recently released from inpatient detox centers and want to free themselves from their addiction to alcohol, tobacco and/or other drugs. We specialize in helping patients who have suffered from addiction to heroin and other opiates who, with Suboxone medication, can improve their quality of life. Our team includes specialists in Access to Recovery Services which include finding affordable housing, exploring career options and employment opportunities, improving language and computer skills, and relearning how to live healthier lives. After emigrating from Colombia, where I graduated as a medical doctor, I came to this country to specialize and become Board Certified in psychiatry. I trained at Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital and have conducted NIH sponsored research. I then became an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland where I taught assessment methods for diagnosis of mental illness. My specialty is helping patients who suffer from phobias, mood disorders, anxiety, depression and addiction to alcohol and other drugs. As Andromeda’s Executive Director I pledge to you that our staff of highly qualified professionals is committed to serving you with respect, compassion and efficacy. I have served as Andromeda’s Deputy Director for the last ten years and know that our agency is interested in partnering with you to keep you healthy and to help you address any illness you may encounter by providing comprehensive services including prevention, treatment, and strong case management support. We look forward to serving you and your loved ones. Sincerely, Alvaro Guzman, MD

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